Vakantie gardameer

Golf banen

Playing golf on Lake Garda is an extraordinary experience for every golf player. The lovely golf courses are individually designed and fit well into the chequered landscape of the Lake Garda Region. The golf courses at Lake Garda can be played throughout the year and are a challenge both for beginners and for passionate golfers. On most courses beautiful Golf Hotels offer stylish accommodation and thus make your golf holidays a very special experience you won’t forget anytime soon. Golf tournaments on the weekend are taken for granted with most golf clubs in Italy.


If you are on holiday with friends and you want to spend a carefree and fun day, a visit to one of the adventure parks of Lake Garda is without doubt the best choice. Even on hot summer days, the adventure parks of Lake Garda can be a great alternative! Being built in the trees, in the woods, the temperature is always comfortable and fresh and the branches of the trees will be the natural fans! In the adventure parks of Lake Garda, you will find fun for the whole family! You can find out what your limits are, to know yourself better, to understand where your body and your courage can come and have a good time with your loved ones, in short, to live an adventure to remember!

Monte Maderno

The holiday homes at Monte Maderno rise up from an important Garda centre, the single result of a fusion of two famous places: Toscolano and Maderno.  From the hilly area and from the flats in Monte Maderno you can appreciate the incredibly amazing colours of Lake Garda. Toscolano Maderno is an important town, decorated with lemon, orange, palm, oleander and olive trees, which can boast the most temperate climate on the whole Lake Garda, together withGardone Riviera. Maderno, crowned by gardens and Mediterranean flowers, extends like an amphitheatre on the large gulf which goes from the point of Fasano to a large promontory. It is one of the oldest and most illustrious of the lake, with numerous relevant remains left by the Etruscans and the Romans.